Will hail damage the gutter guard? The All-Aluminum Gutter Guards are made of .019 hardened aluminum. In extreme cases of hail, the gutter guard could sustain some surface dings.

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Can icicles form on the gutter guard? It’s important to note that icicles can form on ANY gutter guard, including the possibility of ice dams. CAUTION: ICICLES & ICE DAMS can…

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Will the gutter guard require maintenance? It is important to understand that no gutter guard is 100% maintenance-free, however, the All-Aluminum gutter guards require little upkeep. A great way to…

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Heavy Rain

Can the gutter guard handle a heavy rainstorm? Punched aluminum gutter guards are best suited for regions that receive moderate amounts of rain. Rainwater diverters can offer an easy solution…

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